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Smart Buildings Super Cluster (SBSC)
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Team Members [DHS], [NTIA], [Strategy of Things], [NIST], [City of Schenectady], [Commscope], [NASA], [ARUP], [Crown Castle], [San Mateo County], [BlueCatalyst], [University of New Mexico], [SRI International], [JLL], [Shulman Rogers]
Blueprint Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings Super Cluster (SBSC)


The Smart Buildings Super Cluster (SBSC) is a partnership of public, private and academic organizations working collaboratively to facilitate Smart Buildings development within the municipal environment. We will examine such aspects as:

  • How do Smart Buildings impact the operation and economy of the municipality?
  • What key ICT technologies, planning and policies are needed by municipalities regarding the built environment?
  • What and how do municipalities, citizens, businesses and universities need to get ready for Smart Buildings?
  • What key technical building-to-municipality enablers, such as interoperability and integration, standards, etc., do municipalities need to plan for?

Smart Buildings are robust connected, experience rich IoT platforms and an integral part of the Smart City ecosystem. They accelerate the deployment of smart city infrastructure; enable the development and deployment of broader municipal smart applications; are a launch pad for scalable economic development; entice corporations, job seekers and entrepreneurs to bring their business to the municipality; and increase health, wellness and happiness for workers and citizens.

The SBSC serves an important role in the GCTC-SC3 family of clusters. Our launch objective is to create a Blueprint that will address some of these questions. The primary areas of focus at this time are: Communications and Connectivity; Interface and Interoperability with Municipal Services; Safety; Transportation; and Organizational Productivity.

The SBSC collaborative welcomes thought leaders and experts who wish to contribute, and any general questions and requests for information.


  • Limor Schafman, Senior Director, Smart Buildings Programs,
    Telecommunications Industry Association
    Arlington, VA

Leadership Team

[DHS], [NTIA], [Strategy of Things], [NIST], [City of Schenectady], [Commscope], [NASA], [ARUP], [Crown Castle], [San Mateo County], [BlueCatalyst], [University of New Mexico], [SRI International], [JLL], [Shulman Rogers]

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