Ethics Action Cluster

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Ethics Action Cluster
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Team Members Ball State University, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati Bell, Smart Connect LLC, Carnegie Mellon University, Syracuse University, Saaby Consulting Company, Axis, Innovation Connected DMV: A Smart Region Movement
Point of Contact Rebecca Hammons
Participating Municipalities Cincinnati, OH; Long Beach, CA; San Leandro, CA; Portland, OR; Greater Washington, DC Area, USA
Status Launched


The goal is to create an ethics policy and blueprint for cities to use as a template while developing smart cities solutions. The blueprint will take the form of a checklist for cities and industry to use in planning.


Smart city solutions are being generated in concert with global industry players to meet the needs of urban growth and sustainability. There is little advocacy for ethical practices on behalf of urban citizens in this growing tech market. Urban strategists and industry partners will benefit from education on the broad variety of potential ethical concerns to be addressed and considered for smart cities.


Major Requirements

  1. Brainstorm the many ethical aspects to be considered for smart cities
  2. Research existing ethical policies that address these aspects
  3. Compile the research into a master policy and checklist
  4. Conduct reviews with participating Action Cluster members, including city representatives
  5. Update with feedback
  6. Develop presentation materials to socialize the policy and checklist via webinars and conferences
  7. Create an article on the ethics policy and checklist for publication in journals

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

To be developed with the Action Cluster members

To be developed with the Action Cluster members

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

The ethical policy and checklist developed by this Action Cluster can be promoted for inclusion in IEEE Smart City standards.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Security and privacy are both ethical aspects for consideration and inclusion by this Action Cluster.


The proposed economic benefit is enhanced citizen trust in smart city solutions, resulting in greater adoption of implemented solutions