Dealing with Shortages of Critical Equipment

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Dealing with Shortages of Critical Equipment
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COVID-19 Has Caused A Shortage Of Face Masks.
Team Members TBD
Point of Contact Wilfred Pinfold
Participating Municipalities Independence, Oregon
Contributors TBD


As the number of COVID-19 cases from the SARS-COV-2 pandemic continues to grow, communities are encouraging physical (or “social”) distancing to slow the rate of transmission. The goal of this guidance is to flatten the curve of new infection, avoiding a surge of demand on the health care system The effects of physical distancing may take several weeks to take effect. Hospitals are already reporting shortages of key equipment for critically ill patients, including ventilators and personal protective equipment for medical staff. Adequate production and distribution of both types of equipment are crucial to caring for patients during the pandemic.


  • Increasing the supply and availability of ventilators.
  • Increasing the availability of personal protective equipment.