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Opening Plenary Session
Topic Speaker Slides
Welcome Chris Greer, Director, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Slides.png 1
Keynote Diane Rinaldo, Assistant Secretary, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Department of Commerce (Acting) Slides.png 2
Special Remarks Brendan Boyle, Congressman (PA-02), U.S. House of Representatives Slides.png 3
Smart Regions Panel Discussion Lily Mei, Mayor, City of Fremont, California, USA, Leslie Wollack, Executive Director, National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), Jack McDougle, President and CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Zack Huhn, Chairman, Smart Regions Initiatives Slides.png 4
Special Remarks (Introduced by Gary McCarthy, Mayor, City of Schenectady, New York, USA) Paul Tonko, Congressman (NY-20), U.S. House of Representatives Slides.png 5
International Perspectives Taiwan Wen-Tsan Cheng, Mayor, City of Taoyuan, Taiwan Slides.png
City of Cauayan, Philippines Bernard Dy, Mayor, City of Cauayan, Philippines Slides.png
FIWARE Foundation Ulrich Ahle, CEO, FIWARE Foundation Slides.png
Super Cluster Lightning Introduction Various Slides.png

Transportation Super Cluster Chairs/Moderators: Wilfred Pinfold, OpenCommons; Skip Newberry, Technology Associates of Oregon
Topic Speaker Slides
Empowering Ruston City Services Using Wireless Sensor Networks for an Environmental and Transportation Monitoring System Benjamin Drozdenko, Assistant Professor of Cyber Engineering and Computer Science, Louisiana Tech University Slides.png
Empowering Walkable and Bikeable Communities using Smart Decision Support System (DSS) Integrated with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communication Eugene W. Grant, Mayor, City of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, USA; Z. Jenipher Wang, CEO, Wiomax Slides.png
Wireless (LTE) Traffic Signal Control System Using IoT Technology for All Crossroads Min Kim, Traffic and ITS Engineer, Gunpo City, South Korea Slides.png
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Road Infrastructure Sustainability Nikhil Ranga, Director of Product & Customer Experience, Roadbotics; Robert Smith, Director of Engineering, City of Cumberland, MD Slides.png
Full Functioned Autonomous Driving Development Park in Taiwan Ying-Fan Lin, Associate Manager from Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd. Slides.png
Thriving Communities: Promoting Quality of Life for all Ages and the Role of Transportation Thomas Doherty, Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, Sustainable Self Slides.png
Public Private Partnerships to Support Transportation Infrastructure Hurst Renner - Manager, Public Policy & Smart City Partnerships, Rubicon Slides.png
Use of Transportation Data to Encourage more Trips on Transit, by Bike, on Foot Wilfred Pinfold - President, OpenCommons Slides.png

Public Safety Super Cluster Chairs/Moderators: W Michael Dunaway, U. of Louisiana, Lafayette; Dean Skidmore, IoT+LTE Consulting; Brenda Bannan, George Mason University
Topic Speaker Slides
Smart City IoT Innovation (SCITI) Perspectives David Ihrie, Center for Innovative Technology; David Heyman, Smart City Works; Brenda Bannon, George Mason University Slides.png
DHS Perspective and Priorities for Action Clusters Jeff Booth, DHS S&T Directorate
GCTC Perspectives from the Private Sector Scott Tousley, Splunk, Inc.
Smart Wide Area Protection & Security for All from Concorde Security Ben Ng, Head USA, Concorde USA
Technology for Safety and International Collaboration Emika Hasegawa, Director for International Negotiations Management, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
The NTT Smart Vegas Cities Solution for the City of Las Vegas Ashwini Chharia, Senior Director, NTT DATA, Inc. Slides.png
StormSense Kyle Spencer, Deputy Resilience Officer, City of Norfolk, VA, USA
Public Safety Super Cluster Blueprint Update Dean Skidmore, PSSC CO-Chair, IoT+LTE Consulting Group, Inc.

Smart Regions Collaborative Chair/Moderator: Jean Rice, NTIA
Topic Speaker Slides
Smart Regions Collaborative Kickoff Zack Huhn, Chairman, Smart Regions Initiative, and Jean Rice, NTIA; Slides.png 1
Tri-State Region (PA, WV, OH) Food System Project Scott J. Sheely, Special Assistant, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Mark Critz, Executive Director, PA Rural Development Council Slides.png 6
Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) – Advancing Agriculture and Manufacturing via IoT Johnny Park, CEO, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) Slides.png 12
Lake Tahoe Basin End Warning System and Bi-State Next Gen 911 Dispatch and Traffic Management Center Danielle Hughes, Capital Program Manager, Tahoe Transportation District Slides.png 15
The Great Lakes Smart and Sustainable Cities Cluster Jeffrey Leonard, City Administrator, City of Defiance, OH; Mark Fisher, President and CEO, The Council of the Great Lakes Region Slides.png 18
Supercomputer Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Cluster for Smart Cities and Regions Eric Drummond, CEO and Founder, Innovation Corridor; Matthew James Bailey, Global Leader in Smart Cities / President, Powering IoT Slides.png 35
Greater Washington Smart Region Movement Karl Darin, VP & Program Lead, Greater Washington Board of Trade Slides.png 40
Portland/Seattle/Vancouver Area Smart Region Initiative Jonathan Fink, Professor, Director, Digital City Testbed Center, Portland State University Slides.png 47
Smart Regions Initiative, Silicon Valley Jeff Lewis, Director of Smart Regions, Joint Venture Silicon Valley Slides.png 53
The Mid-Ohio Smart Region Task Force Thea Walsh, Director, Director of Transportation & Infrastructure Development, MORPC Slides.png 62

Wireless Super Cluster Chairs/Moderators: David Witkowski, Joint Venture Silicon Valley; Jon Walton, San Mateo County, CA; Tony Batalla, City of San Leandro, CA; Benny Lee, San Mateo County, CA
Topic Speaker Slides
Wireless Super Cluster IoT Blueprint Presentation Tony Batalla, City of San Leandro, CA, USA Slides.png
East Palo Alto Neighborhood Innovation Zone Jon Walton, CIO, County of San Mateo, CA Slides.png
Galway Smart City Light Pollution, Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Smart System - IoT Based Shivakumar Mathapathi, CTO, Dew Mobility / Faculty, Santa Clara University, CA; Martin Serrano, Head of Research at Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland Slides.png
Palo Alto Networks Presentation Tom Williams, Palo Alto Networks Slides.png
Acoustic Monitoring at the Edge Tom Darbonne, Director of Applications Engineering, AudioT Slides.png
Smartwave Technologies Al Brown, CEO, Smartwave Technologies Slides.png
Edge Compute in the Era of 5G Leland Brown, Technology Development Manager / Advanced Wireless Solution Architect, Intel Federal Slides.png

Cybersecurity and Privacy Super Cluster Chairs/Moderators: Lan Jenson, Adaptable Security; Christos Papadopoulos, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Scott Tousley, Splunk, Inc.; Maryam Rahmani, Maryam Rahmani, LLC
Topic Speaker Slides
From Desire to Actionable Plan A Cybersecurity Model for Smart Secure Cities Initiatives Benny Lee, Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee; Public Wi-fi Program Director, San Mateo County, USA; Lan Jenson, Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee; CEO, Adaptable Security; Michael Kaiser, Board of Directors, Adaptable Security Slides.png
Building Human Centered Smart City Yi-Chen Chu, CEO, BiiLabs Slides.png
Equity in Cybersecurity Training A New Collaborative Pilot in Chicago: Frank Downs, Director/SME Cybersecurity Practices, ISACA; Meera Raja, Manager of Solution Design & Program Development, City Tech Collaborative; Natasha Green, Global Community Manager, AnitaB.org Slides.png

Funding and Financing Panel
Topic Speaker Slides
National Science Foundation Meghan Houghton, Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagements, National Science Foundation Slides.png 4
Federal Reserve Bank Jeanne Miliken Bonds, Senior Manager, Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Slides.png 19
City of Cincinnati Oliver Kroner, City of Cincinnati OES Slides.png 27
Colorado Venture Capital Authority Eric Drummond, Chair, Colorado Venture Capital Authority, CEO Innovation Corridor Slides.png 32
USDA Rural Utilities Service Telecommunications Program Ryeon Corsi, Management and Program Analyst, USDA, Rural Utilities Service Telecommunications Program Slides.png 37

Knowledge/Technology Platform Chair/Moderator: Albert Graves, World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO)
Topic Speaker Slides
WeGO Albert Graves, Program Director, World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization Slides.png
FIWARE Towards a Global Digital Single Market for Smart Cities: Ulrich Ahle, CEO, FIWARE Foundation Slides.png
Leading Cities Michael Lake, President & CEO, Leading Cities
GO⋅PS (Gyeonggi Open Platform for Smart City) Tae-Kyung Kim, Research Fellow, Gyeonggi Research Institute, South Korea Slides.png
Taipei Smart City Programme/GO SMART Hsin-Lun Tsai, Research Fellow of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office Slides.png
Breaking the Code - The UN-hackathon Skip Newberry, President and CEO, Technology Associates of Oregon; Kory Murphy, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Department of County Assets, Multnomah County, OR Slides.png

Smart Buildings Super Cluster Chair/Moderator: Limor Schafman, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
Topic Speaker Slides
IoT & AI-based Smart Energy Management System for Smart City Changsoo Park, General Manager, NTELS Co, ltd Slides.png 1
Point Cloud MAP901, Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First Responders Wendy Harris, PMO Director, City of Memphis, TN Slides.png 1
Anatomy of a Smart City Mayor Gary R. McCarthy, City of Schenectady, NY, USA; John P. Coluccio, City of Schenectady, NY Slides.png 14
Connectivity – Empower your Smart Buildings Ronna Davis, LEED Green Associate, Strategy and Technology, Enterprise Product Management, CommScope, Inc. Slides.png 15
Smart Cities/Safer Buildings – Technologies that Save Money…and Lives Jeffrey Booth, Director, Sensors and Platforms Technology Center, DHS S&T Slides.png 20
Smart Buildings – Improving Organizational Productivity Limor Schafman, Senior Director, Smart Buildings Program, TIA Slides.png 23
Transportation Yuri Gawdiak, Airspace Operations & Safety Program Associate Director, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Slides.png 31
City Services and Utilities John P. Coluccio, Signal Superintendent, City of Schenectady, NY Slides.png 33

Education Super Cluster Chairs/Moderators: Derick Lee, Pilot City; Shannan Williams, NIST; Emy Tseng, NTIA
Topic Speaker Slides
Cincinnati-Dayton Cyber Corridor Stephanie Keinath, Director, Public Policy & Economic Development, Dayton Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce; Tom Skill, Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer, Professor, University of Dayton Slides.png
South Bend’s Technology Resource Center A Collaboration Platform for a Responsive, Inclusive Beta City Brian Donoghue, Director of Civic Innovation, South Bend, IN, USA Slides.png
DC Asset Management Lab at the University of the District of Columbia – A Continuing Education Program for Professionals Michael Bordenaro, President, Asset Management Labs, LLC Slides.png
Smart Neighborhoods Seth Hubbert, Executive Director, Tech Exchange Slides.png
Augmented Neighborhood Watch Stephanie Hayden, CEO & Founder, Metropolitan Intelligence Slides.png
Smart Work Learn Play: Participatory Smart City Innovation and Digital Inclusion in Public and Subsidized Housing Catherine Crago, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Housing Authority of City of Austin Slides.png
UPsouth – A Primer on how Cities can Connect with Citizens to Build Resilient Communities and Strengthen Smart City Initiatives Priti Ambani, Chief Evangelist, UPsouth Slides.png
Connecting the Dots: Technology Enhanced Aging-in-Place for Residents of Waterfront Village, Washington, DC Marjorie Lightman, Partner, QED Associates Iic, Senior Fellow, WREI
Data Equity for Main Street - Bring Open Data to Communities through Public Libraries Anne Neville-Bonilla, Director, California Research Bureau, California State Library Slides.png
Smart City Diaries TV / Video Series Deborah Acosta, Smart City Diaries, Co-Host, Writer; Ann M. Marcus, Smart City Diaries Producer Slides.png
IoT-Enabled Smart City Workshop for City, Private and Public Communities Shivakumar Mathapathi, Faculty, Santa Clara University, CA; Vanessa Garrett, Deputy City Engineer, City of Rohnert Park, CA, USA Slides.png
CIVIC Data Platform: Data by the People, for the People Catherine Nikolovski, Executive Director, Civic Software Foundation; Michael Hanna, Multnomah County, OR
SUPER CLUSTER NEXT STEPS Derick Lee, Pilot City, and Shannan Williams, NIST Slides.png